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Offy 1950-1959 Chevy 6-Cylinder Dual Carburetor Intake Manifold ...
Mar 5, 2011 . Offenhauser Dual Carb intake manifolds provide a nostalgic appearance while equalizing fuel distribution to all cylinders, improving both .,5000.html

Tri-power Rochester Model BC Chevy 235 Six - YouTube
Feb 9, 2010 . This is 3 carb set-up on a Chevy 235 inline Six. This intake is an Offenhauser for the 235. The carbs are large base Rochester BC's.

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JEGS SB-Chevy 3-Deuce Intake Manifold and Carburetor Package . Edelbrock/ Holley/Mopar Performance 6-Pack Intake Kit . - Edelbrock Total Power Package® Systems ...
Triple Carb Kit for Small-Block Chevy with E-Tec or Vortec-Style heads (C-357-B intake manifold), 2016*. Six Carb Kit for 283-327 Chevy (Ram Log intake .