dora winifred read swallowing food

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D.W.'s reluctance to eat unfamiliar food will keep the whole family from . Jane and David look angrily at D.W. and Jane says "Dora Winifred Read! . Later on, Arthur and Francine feed Kate some spinach and praise her for eating it.,_the_Picky_Eater

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Despite his excessive eating habits, he is surprisingly lean. He has asthma . Dora Winifred "D.W." Read is Arthur's little sister and is a middle child. She attends .

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Jan 18, 2011 . Episode "D.W.'s Name Game", where Arthur Timothy Read eats too much cake... . The edit sometimes occurs where Arthur is eating cake crumbs with D.W. . Arthur · D.W. · Arthur Read · D.W. Read · Arthur Timothy Read · Dora Winifred . Dora = BikdipOnABus7064 views · Arthur: D.W.'s Name .

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[She looks over at Arthur, who is eating on the couch]: D.W. Read: How come Arthur doesn't . I don't eat your dog food, do I?! . Mrs. Read: [after D.W. accidentally says the swear word to her] Dora Winifred Read, what did you just say to me?