electrons do not like each other

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Also, I've read that electrons never touch each other, and that there is . their electromagnetic fields do, just like magnets don't touch each other .

Electron Configurations & Orbital Notation
electron configurations and orbital notations. Along with these rules, you must remember electrons are lazy and they hate each other, they will fill the lowest .

How does the electron shielding effect alter atomic size
You know the electrons don't like each other 'cause they're like charges and they repel each other, right? Sure. Let's look at that the idea that the positive charge .

Why do electrons occupy the space around nuclei, and not collide with
May 3, 2011 . Why do electrons occupy the space around nuclei, and not collide . Since positive and negative charges attract each other, why is it that the electrons don't . Schrödinger equation in three dimesions for Hydrogen-like atoms: .