ex gratia payments under ny law

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Follow The Settlements And Ex Gratia Payments
Mar 9, 2011 . Insurance Law Community | LexisNexis . A Roadmap For Determining Coverage For Construction Defect Claims In New York · Foley & Lardner LLP: . Follow The Settlements And Ex Gratia Payments . Liability Insurer's Coverage Action Regarding Faulty Work under Abstention Doctrine · Ohio Magistrate .

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(Proper Latin for "many out of one" would have been ex uno plura.) . legal actions undertaken by man under the influence of error are ineffective. . ex fide fortis, from faith [comes] stength, A motto of Loyola School, New York City. . In law, an ex gratia payment is one made without recognizing any liability or legal obligation .

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A legal exemption from liability for damages. . million under the 1871 Treaty of Washington for the resulting Union shipping losses. . New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1965. . Useful legal and historical discussion of ex gratia payments.

Ex Gratia Payments and the Iranian Airline Tragedy
Nov 29, 1988 . under an opinio juris; in other words, for customary practice to have law- . If they act merely ex gratia without acknowledging legal compul- . according to a report in the New York Times,7 payments by the United States .