female reporters in men's locker room

When almost all companies are baking some sort of "doing good" into their business models, how do you measure the impact of the innovations?

Sally Jenkins - Women in locker rooms: a controversy only to those ...
Sep 15, 2010 . A locker room is not the Lux Lounge, and it's not Clinton Portis's . Anyone who argues that women reporters don't belong in a locker room because they . a locker room, which I attribute to the gentlemanly qualities of the men .

Women reporters in men's locker rooms
Sep 16, 2010 . She was not known for dressing as provocatively as Inés Sainz, the reporter for a Mexican television station who was hooted at while in the .

Ines Sainz (PICTURES): What Happened to Reporter Inside NY Jets ...
Sep 13, 2010 . That a female is permitted into a male locker room where men are undressing and taking shower! There is no reason that any one reporter of .

Female Reporters in the Men's Locker Room - Newseum
Mar 1, 2012 . In News History: Female Reporters in the Men's Locker Room. By Sharon Shahid , online managing editor. 35 years ago, as the New York .