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When almost all companies are baking some sort of "doing good" into their business models, how do you measure the impact of the innovations?

Is Lemon A Cancer Killer That is 10000 Times ... - Hoax-Slayer
Mar 23, 2011 . Message purporting to be from the Institute of Health Sciences in . Debunking email hoaxes and exposing Internet scams since 2003!

Questionable Organizations: An Overview
Dec 23, 1999 . Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions . and Longevity (H.E.A.L.L.); Health Liberty; Health Sciences Institute (HSI) .

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Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today: M.D. Allan Spreen ...
This is basically a booklet put out at a very high price by Agora Publishing and Health Sciences Institute - both scams. The book does mention a number of .