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Ireland and the Isle of Man, 1903
Christianity was, we are told, first borne to the Isle of Man by our National Apostle, St. Patrick. There is a tradition that in his missionary journey to Ireland the saint .

Isle of Man Guide - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man as an independent country vs. Isle of Man as a region ...
Officially, the Isle of Man is an independent country and not part of the UK. . be doing an Ireland trip, and why should the UK get the Isle of Man .

United Kingdom / Great Britain
The majority of the people in Northern Ireland have wished to remain part of the U.K. . The United Kingdom does not include the Isle of Man (which lies between .

The United Kingdom is made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. . The Isle of Man and the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey are not part of Great Britain, .