leapfrog learn and groove piano

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Leapfrog Learn and Groove Piano
My daughter immediately was attracted to it because of the music and also the lights. She continues to play with it and even looks for it! She can play.

Learn and Groove Piano - LeapFrog Toys
Customer Support: Learn & Groove® Piano . Learn & Groove Piano Parent Guide (PDF) . Register your child's LeapFrog product to receive important safety .

Learn & Groove Activity Station Toy - LeapFrog Toys
The Learn & Groove Activity Station has wont the following awards: 2009 Practical . It also features "dance step" piano keys with sparkling lights that flash in .

Leapfrog Learn and Groove
LeapFrog Learn & Groove Piano. Amazon Price: $31.99 (as of 04/28/2012) Buy Now.