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Lonnie G. Thompson - OSU School of Earth Sciences: About
OSU Logo School of Earth Sciences Logo. Lonnie G. Thompson. Professor Ph.D. - The Ohio State University 1976. Lonnie G. Thompson. Office: SC 082C and .

Ohio Geology Digital Library - Ohio State University Libraries
Feb 28, 2012 . The Geological Survey of Ohio was established by the state legislature on March 27, 1837. William Williams Mather was appointed Principal .

Orton Geological Museum - from the Director - The Ohio State ...
Orton Geological Museum. The Orton Geological Museum is located in historic Orton Hall on the Main Campus of The Ohio State University. Completed in 1893 .

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The Geology collection contains over 120000 volumes of books and serials relevant to geochemistry, physical geography, various aspects of geology ( economic .