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UNIX: vi Editor
If you are just beginning to learn Unix, you might find the Pico editor easier to . If you make a mistake, you can use the Backspace key to remove your errors. . For example, one option allows you to set a right margin that will then force vi . To make permanent changes to your vi environment, you could edit your .exrc file .

Basic Unix Commands
Mar 16, 2002 . You will talk to Unix using your terminal's keyboard. . Most keyboards now are set up with a key called "Backspace", which generates . changes, you instruct the editor to make the changes in the permanent copy of the file.

keyboard shortcuts - How to set up backspace to go up instead of ...
Nov 5, 2011 . Unix and Linux . I'd like pressing backspace to step one level up (outside) in a directory hierarchy instead of going to the previous opened .

BackSpace and Delete Configuration for Linux (VT, xterm, bash, tcsh ...
Are you a Linux-user and tired of the misbehaviour of your backspace and delete keys? . to other UNIX flavors and cross-platform environments and applications. . Terminfo is not enough, the settings of the terminal (xterm) have to be .