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Weird non-slug holes in leaves (Warning - photos) - Minnesota ...
I'm getting strange holes in one of my hostas and the mini rose next to it. . transparent part flakes away (or something) and leaves an irregular .

Holes in leaves and Petals? - Roses Forum - GardenWeb
I've noticed this trend among every rose I've seen in the wild, store, etc. What's the deal with the holes that form in the leaves and petals?

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery: Leaf Eating Pests
When holes appear in rose leaves, as opposed to the wholesale chomping caused by deer damage, a gardener may suspect one of two likely culprits. The most .

How To Identify And Treat Common Rose Diseases
These shiny green or coppery beetles are particularly fond of rose blooms, leaving small round holes in the petals and occasionally in adjoining leaves.