show crypto map security associations

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Cisco Security Appliance Command Reference, Version 7.2 - crypto ...
same-security-traffic through show asdm sessions Commands . crypto ipsec security-association replay. crypto . crypto map set security-association lifetime .

Cisco IOS Security Command Reference, Release 12.3 - Security ...
Security Commands: show crypto key mypubkey through wins. Download . If accepted, the resulting security associations (and temporary crypto map entry) are .

IPSec Example
Following the annotations are some explanations of Cisco show commands that are useful when troubleshooting . So next we create a crypto map, called MyMap, with sequence number 1. . set security-association lifetime seconds 190 .

Recipe 12.11. Checking IPSec Protocol Status
And you can look at the IPSec security associations with this command: . The show crypto map command gives information about all of the IPSec crypto maps .