strange things found while mineing

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Ooparts & Ancient High Technology--Evidence of Noah's Flood?
An iron nail was found in rock in a Peruvian mine by Spanish conquistadores ( 1572).ópp . The strange "coin-medallion" was composed of an unidentified copper alloy, . Man-made objects found in the ground. . While shot blasting a seam, the miner found, among the dislodged coal, blocks of concrete about a foot across .

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Every once in a while archaeologists (and sometimes regular Joes) make some . It follows that mining and farming have been fruitful sources of curious finds in the past. . From time to time, unusual artifacts are found in strange places.

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Out-of-place metal objects . The rock in which the electrical instrument was found was dated by a . quartz rock about the size of a man's fist, and that while showing the rock to a friend, . In 1865, a two-inch metal screw was discovered in a piece of feldspar unearthed from the Abbey Mine in Treasure City, Nevada.

How Solid Matter Can Pass Through Rock
NO UNUSUAL PHENOMENA INVOLVED - Objects found were always . On this particular day, while searching in the Coso Mountains, they found one stone . In 1886, mining engineer Dr. Adolf Gurlt noted that the object, coated with a thin .