system 96 casting billets from uroboros

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System 96 Casting Billets and Billet Chunks are formed from Uroboros' unique ultra-low devitrification glass formulas. These formulas were designed specifically .

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Manufacturers of Art Glass, Stained Glass, and Glass for Fusing and Casting. . Just one of our 18 new System 96 and FX90 releases. See all 18 here » .

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UROBOROS® GLASS STUDIOS, Inc. 2139 N. Kerby Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97227, . ART GLASS FX 90 SYSTEM 96® . The Uroboros FX 90 casting billet .

Box of 8. BILLETS. Quantity. CASTING ROCKS. BILLETS CHUNKS. Price. Code. Quantity. 40 lb Pail. 40 lb Pail. 20lb Box. Price. Code. Price. Code. SYSTEM 96 .

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Spectrum System 96 glass can be used for either type of casting. Uroboros Glass has recently added System 96 "Tested Compatible" Casting Billets in Clear .