what does acht du lieber mean

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What does ach du mean
In French it is the combination of de + le meaning "some" ex: du boeuf. What does the German phrase ach du lieber mean in English? Ach du lieber! is a .

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"Ach! due lieber Augustin". About this sound Play (help·info). "Oh du lieber Augustin" ("Oh, you dear Augustin") is a Viennese song, composed by Marx Augustin in 1679. . The tune is nearly identical to the tune of Did You Ever See a Lassie?, .

ach der lieber > Oh, heavens!
Aug 12, 2004 . Ach means something like "alas", "my God", "oh". etc. Du lieber is short for Ach du lieber Himmel. Dear heaven. My great grandfather (born in .

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'Ach du Lieber Himmel' is the way Germans say, "Oh, for the love of heaven!" Add , "Freakin' . Dunno' why. Just do. Has a certain ring... "Fa-shi-fur-fra - Ach du Freakin' Lieber Himmel!" . Florian: You mean the chick with the one eye? Guunter: .